Sustainable Cleaning – Why we switched to Norwex

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Looking for a way to clean more sustainably – and make your home safer? We have finally found cleaning products we really like from Norwex!

sustainable cleaning - why we switched to Norwex

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Top 5 reasons we switched to Norwex:

  1. Clean using only water – and still remove 99% of bacteria!
  2. Stop wasting paper towels (and killing trees) – cloths are reusable for years and many of them are made from recycled plastic!
  3. Healthier for you, your kids, your pets, the planet – reduce the toxic chemicals in your home and that you put into the environment.
  4. Save time!  Norwex works better than our old cleaners ever did – with just water!
  5. Save money!  Norwex looks pricey up front, but since you can clean using just water and reuse the cloths again and again it will save you a ton on cleaners and buying paper towels.

how norwex makes a differenceI used to hate cleaning.  And when you share your home with 3 big dogs, 3 cats and have a farm outside there is a LOT of cleaning.  I don’t enjoy the act of cleaning but I also really hated all the products I used to need to clean.  It always makes me wince to use any paper towels (the trees killed!) and I’ve become more and more sensitive to fumes and more allergic to dust as I’ve gotten older.  Even using ecofriendly cleaners and reusable rags I’d end up with either a headache or sneezing my head off!  That is, until I found Norwex…

So what is Norwex?

Norwex is an ecofriendly company that makes sustainable cleaning and self-care cloths and cleaning products.  Their mission is to reduce the use of toxic chemicals in our homes – a perfect fit for us! 

Norwex cleaning cloths use just water to How Norwex Microfiber Worksremove dirt and bacteria and are reusable again and again – saving trees, money, and your health. One of the amazing parts of Norwex products is that most of them have what they call BacLock – silver is woven into the microfiber and it naturally self purifies the cloths within 24 hours once they get wet. This keeps the cloths from getting all stinky or harboring bacteria – and means you can use it over and over before washing it (which is good, because I don’t like doing laundry either).

Clean with just water?  Cloth that self purifies and doesn’t get stinky?  Sounds too good to be true?  Believe me, I was super skeptical when I first heard about them.  As a scientist I naturally tend towards skepticism and Norwex sounded way too good to be true.  So I did what any scientist would do – I tested them out.

Turns out – they really do work and they really are awesome!  Now clearly my tests weren’t a full blown scientific study (that would take a long time and lots more money), but I was really impressed with how well Norwex worked – cleaning is so much easier and more sustainable.  I was also impressed by the independent testing showing that Norwex removes 99% of bacteria using just water.  Intrigued?  Keep reading for our story and honest review.  Wanna try them out?  Please support our farm by buying through our norwex shop!

Our Norwex experience

We first encountered Norwex at a plant sale last fall.  I’d never heard of the company, but they have been around for 25 years (and apparently some people are still using cloths they got decades ago!).  The lovely woman selling Norwex explained that they would clean with just water and self purify and was very patient with all my questions, but I’m sure she could tell that I was very skeptical. 

I was on the fence about buying anything, but when she talked about the sponges that don’t get stinky Marc insisted that we try one.  We’d tried a bunch of different ecofriendly sponges and they kept getting stinky – Marc was about to swear off sponges entirely so he wanted to give the Norwex Envirosponge a try.  I decided to try the Counter cloths as a paper towel replacement (have I mentioned how much I hate paper towels? Ugh, I feel so guilty when I use them!).

Counter Cloth and Envirosponge
How we started – Counter cloth and Envirosponge

I was fully prepared to be smug in my doubts about them…until we started using them.  And by using them I mean using them EVERY DAY.  All the time.  The Counter Cloths quickly became my favorite thing to use to clean.  They absorb a ton and rinse clean easily – I just hang them on our kitchen faucet and they dry quickly for next use (without getting stinky – amazing!).  The Envirosponge is a workhorse – Marc loves it (I also hate doing dishes – that’s definitely my dad’s fault, long story).  We’ve had the same Envirosponge for almost a year now and it’s still going strong.  When it gets too dirty we just run it through the dishwasher or the clothes washer and it’s good to go again.

After using Norwex for a few months I decided to become a consultant to get a discount (35% off!) so I could buy more.  Now we’ve switched to using Norwex to clean pretty much everything in our house and I’m amazed by how well it works and how much more willing I am to clean.  Marc’s thrilled because I can actually dust again (the dust mitt actually holds on to dust instead of putting it into the air) and the mop makes it so much easier to keep dog hair under control (SO MUCH DOG HAIR). 

Norwex products we love

Norwex helps us save the planet, time and money! We use these all the time and love them:

recycled plastic into norwex counter clothsEnvirosponge – ecofriendly reusable sponge that doesn’t get stinky even here in humid Florida?  Clean it by throwing in in the dishwasher or washing machine? Amazing!

Counter Cloths – My absolute favorite so far! These replace paper towels and each one will absorb over a quarter cup of liquid.  They dry super fast and rinse out easily for reuse – use a bunch of times before you have to wash them!  They are even made from recycled plastic bottles so they not only prevent waste from paper towels, they also help to remove trash from our landfills and environment!

why use the norwex mopMop – super lightweight and easy to use (and actually kinda fun…), amazing on dog/cat hair, and the mop heads are made from recycled plastic!  Basically an ecofriendly Swiffer – when the mop heads get dirty just clean with the rubber brush or throw them in the washer.  Use just water to clean your floors (and walls, and ceilings, and blinds…). So much better than disposable!

Body Cloth – clean your body with just water.  I can’t wait to try it next time I’m camping – I even tested it on my husband’s stinky armpits (you’re welcome for sparing you that experience) and it really did clean his armpits with just a bit of water on the cloth. I now carry a travel one in my purse (I live in FL…I sweat) in case I need it.

dust mitt cleans screensDusting Mitt – grabs dust and holds on to it – use the rubber brush to clean it off or throw it in the wash.  I can actually dust again without sneezing my head off for 3 hours!  The mitt is amazing for cleaning window screens too (super useful on our screened in porch).

Baby Cloth – super soft – made for babies, but a friend I gifted one (for her baby) told me that it was awesome for her baby’s nose when he got a cold.  Now I use it instead of tissues when I get sick – so much more ecofriendly and way gentler on my nose!

norwex bathroom scrub mittBathroom Scrub Mitt – makes scrubbing out the bathtub SOOOOO much easier and faster using just water! Cleaning the bathtub is always so awkward but with the scrub mitt at least it is faster! Wet it down then scrub with the scrubby side, wipe with the soft side, rinse, and hang to dry. Works better than the spray cleaner and scrubby sponge I was using before with no toxic chemicals!

Bath Towels – towels that dry super fast and don’t get stinky!  All of our towels used to smell musty after a use or two, but not these.  I’ve switched all my towels to these now. Super lightweight for travel too.

Rubber Brush – amazing on getting off dog hair, cleaning suede or faux suede, and use it to clean off the mop or dust mitt between uses so you have to wash less often.  Our dogs love it as a dog brush too!

Wanna try it?

If you want to try Norwex out for yourself you can find all the products and support our homestead at our Norwex shop– any purchase helps us feed all the animals (and clean up after them!)

I also run sales on our Facebook VIP group when I can!  Join the group and mention this post for a special welcome discount.

Questions? Thoughts?

What is your least favorite thing to clean?  Tried Norwex? What are your favorite Norwex uses?